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February 20, 2014

In January 2014, Howard A. Levitt and Brian A. Grosman, Q.C. – two of Canada’s leading employment and labour lawyers – joined forces to form Levitt & Grosman LLP. This team offers Employment and Labour Law By The Best.

Howard and Brian bring over 35 years each of experience in advising corporate employers and executive employees. As two founders of Canada’s employment and labour law sector – both Howard Levitt and Brian Grosman have set standards for best practices and consistent results that are simply unmatched.

Both are authors of seminal employment law texts and both have successfully argued significant cases across Canada at every judicial level, including the Supreme Court Of Canada. Levitt and Grosman have merged their successful practices in order to provide their clients with a unique level of service in their legal sector.

Levitt & Grosman LLP

Levitt & Grosman LLP employment and labour lawyers are nationally recognized as leading lawyers in the area of employment law, labour law and wrongful dismissals. Headed by Howard A. Levitt and Brian A. Grosman, Q.C., the team is considered one of the most experienced employment law practices in Canada. Levitt & Grosman LLP is adept at handling employment law suits focused on wrongful dismissals and unjust dismissals, human rights issues, sexual harassment and discrimination, constructive dismissals, issues with severance pay and severance packages, employment contracts and/or being fired or laid off. Our employment lawyers regularly represent clients before all levels of courts, mediators, labour relations boards, grievance arbitrators, and employment tribunals. Our lawyers have the experience, the depth, and the resources to help you. They are able to handle a diverse range of employment and labour matters. With specialized knowledge and experience to assist clients on even the most complex matters, our lawyers work to ensure the proper legal entitlements in all cases.

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