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Benjamin Geva joins Torys’ Toronto office

December 9, 2011

Ben has written extensively in the payments law area, including a treatise titled The Law of Electronic Funds Transfer. Ben has served with Blair Keefe of our office on the Regulatory Advisory Group to the Task Force for the Future of Payments System Review in Canada in the summer of 2011, providing advice on regulatory and legal issues associated with the payment industry.

Benjamin Geva is a leading international legal expert on payment instruments and methods, bank deposits and collections, credit transactions and facilities, electronic banking, and payment and settlement systems.

Benjamin advised and drafted key financial sector legislation, mostly in relation to payment and settlement systems, for the authorities of several countries, particularly, on missions for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Haiti, Serbia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Timor-Leste, and Sri Lanka. Particularly in Canada but also in the US and in the international arena he has been on legislative committees and drafting working groups in the areas of payment law and personal property security.

We warmly welcome Ben to Torys.

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