Bencher election 2023

Elliot Saccucci for Bencher. Let’s make things better, together.

March 10, 2023

I’m Elliot Saccucci, a Partner at Loopstra Nixon LLP, co-head of the firm’s Employment & Labour group and head of the Sports Law Group. I’m an outspoken member of the bar who is committed to an ethical, democratic and equitable legal profession. As a bencher candidate for 2023, I pledge to work toward a modern, transparent Law Society of Ontario, that uses its platform to advocate for change for the good of the legal system and access to Justice.

What I believe In

(1) Access to Justice

The legal system has never been harder to access. Litigation lasts years, not months. Delays are consistent and costly. Outside of Toronto, Ottawa, and Windsor litigants do not have access to mandatory mediation, compounding the issue. The Law Society has an obligation to advocate for reforms to ensure access to justice. As a Bencher I would work to see the Law Society increase its advocacy, including to the provincial government, toward reform and increased funding for:

  1. Expanded Mandatory Mediation Across the Province
  2. More Judicial Resources to Ease Critical Delays in our Courts
  3. Increased Support for ‘Pro Bono Ontario’ to Level the Playing Field

(2) Support for Foreign Trained, New, Solo and Small Practitioners

The profession is changing. There are more foreign trained lawyers, and more lawyers practicing alone or in small practices. To ensure that the profession is equitable, diverse and inclusive, and in turn best serves the public interest, it is incumbent upon the Law Society to support:

  1. Expanded Programming and Outreach for Solo and Small Practitioners
  2. Creation of a Task Force to Investigate and Promote Hiring of NCA Candidates by Ontario Firms
  3. A Review of Law School Tuition as a Barrier to Accessing the Profession
  4. A Mandate that Ensures that Minimum Wage for Articling Students Does not End in 2026

(3) Keeping Convocation Current

I support governance reform at Convocation to keep it fresh and bring new perspectives. As a Bencher I would push for proportionate representation of the bar through:

  1. Increased Access to, and Touch-points with, Convocation for the Bar and Especially Young Practitioners
  2. Reduced Term Limits
  3. Mandatory Election of Young Bencher(s) with Less than 10 years of Practice Experience
  4. Mandatory Election of Bencher(s) from Small Firms

Loopstra Nixon

Loopstra Nixon is a full-service Canadian business and public law firm dedicated to serving clients involved in business and finance, litigation and dispute resolution, municipal, land use planning and development, and commercial real estate.

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