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Fraser Rowand and Jeff Tracey form Rowand LLP

January 27, 2013

Fraser Rowand and Jeff Tracey are pleased to announce the formation of Rowand LLP.

Rowand LLP continues the quickly growing practice of Rowand Intellectual Property Law in serving the IP needs of the domestic high-technology industry. Each of our lawyers has a background in electrical engineering or computer science, and each has extensive experience in assisting Canadian innovators to protect and profit from their technical achievements, marketing savvy, and aesthetic creations.

Rowand LLP

Rowand LLP is a Toronto-based boutique firm of lawyers, patent agents and trademark agents. We are entrusted with creating and growing patent and trademark portfolios for Canadian clients ranging from small start-ups to large multinationals. With our focus on high-tech innovation and our direct involvement in both US and Canadian prosecution, we work at the leading edge of recent developments in challenging patentable subject matter issues.

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