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Guardian Legal Consultants Joins King Law Chambers

July 13, 2016

King Law Chambers, in keeping with its focus of attracting innovative firms, is excited to announce that Guardian Legal Consultants has joined the chambers.

Guardian Legal Consultants is a firm specializing in business law and commercial/civil litigation. Guardian strives to move beyond the traditional model of providing legal services, in order to better serve client demands. In today’s fast-paced and demanding global economy, the legal industry continues to be plagued by archaic processes and is unreceptive to change. Guardian seeks to highlight the importance of innovating and adapting to dynamic client needs by utilizing an evolved approach to providing legal services – one that is similar to streamlined, efficient and innovative start-ups.

This approach includes a responsible corporate philosophy, technological applications that increase efficiency, unique and flexible pricing structures, and collaborative problem solving tactics. By applying this approach to serving clients, Guardians begin to carry many of the characteristics of a strategy consultant who works with the client every step of the way. In short, Guardians aim to help their clients –  in every sense of the word.

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