Bencher election 2015

Janet E. Minor – Vote for Continued Leadership

April 8, 2015


As Treasurer I have:

  • Consulted and listened to lawyers across the province
  • Collaborated on important issues

Leading Change

As Treasurer and throughout my time as an elected bencher, I have championed:

Progressive Initiatives

  • Access to Justice
  • Aboriginal Engagement
  • Retention of Women in Private Practice
  • Challenges for Racialized Licensees
  • Justicia
  • Enhanced the Law Society’s Commitment to  French Language Service

Regulatory Review to ensure public confidence in a modern, effective and transparent regulatory process

Competence Enhancement through support and evaluation of our LPP and admission standards and measures to enhance continued professional competence

Principled Decision Making

ABS, as all potential initiatives, must be carefully considered, evidence based and shown to benefit the profession and public without compromising ethical standards.

Vote for leadership to continue change

Janet E. Minor

Bencher Candidate (Toronto) - Current Treasurer

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Janet E. Minor

Janet E. Minor

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