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Kith + Kin LLP joins King Law Chambers’ Front Street location

May 31, 2016

Kith + Kin LLP moves to King Law Chambers’ new location on Front St.

Kith + Kin LLP is excited to move with King Law Chambers to a beautiful new location near St. Lawrence Market.  Since launching in 2013, Kith + Kin LLP has been a part of King Law Chambers.  The relationship with King Law Chambers has provided a platform for sustainable growth and has been a key part of Kith + Kin LLP’s remarkable success.  

About Kith + Kin LLP (

Kith + Kin LLP is a boutique family law firm located near downtown Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market. Their focus is on the legal needs of families of all shapes and sizes and we take pride in providing supportive and effective legal services to people in times of stress. Whether you need representation in a collaborative negotiation or a contentious separation you’ll find they take a fresh and effective approach to family law.



King Law Chambers

King Law Chambers provides comprehensive, innovative, and prestigious office space and solutions for lawyers and legal professionals in Toronto. Our chambers is home to over 60 independent lawyers and firms practicing in a wide range of practice area. We offer both private and collaborative workspace monthly rentals.

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