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Phil Tunley announces the opening of St. Lawrence Barristers LLP

January 2, 2018

Phil Tunley is pleased to announce the opening of St. Lawrence Barristers LLP, offering strategic advice and representation to clients before all levels of courts and administrative tribunals in Canada.

Phil has more than 30 years experience as counsel in complex litigation matters. He represents clients at all levels of courts in Ontario, and in the Federal Courts and Supreme Court of Canada. He appears frequently in the Divisional Court and before a variety of administrative appeals tribunals. He is also an experienced trial counsel in both civil disputes and provincial offence matters, and in a wide range of regulatory and administrative hearings.

Phil’s civil litigation practice includes corporate and commercial disputes, media and defamation law, energy law, high technology matters, professional and business regulation, and human rights matters, both at trial and on appeals. His experience centres on complex matters, often involving high volumes of documentary productions, or conflicts of laws issues engaging two or more legal systems. He practices litigation as a specialty, and is always keen to work as co-counsel with specialist lawyers in a particular subject area or from other jurisdictions. He has special expertise in expert evidence, electronic evidence and automated litigation support in complex trials.

To learn more about Phil, please visit our website.

St. Lawrence Barristers PC

At St. Lawrence Barristers PC, we are experienced trial and appellate counsel who regularly appear before every level of court and numerous administrative tribunals across Canada. Our lawyers are experts in civil litigation, specializing in commercial disputes, health law, media and defamation law, privacy and technology, sexual assault and harassment, and administrative and regulatory disputes.

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