Bencher election 2019

Re-elect Jacqueline Horvat for Bencher!

April 15, 2019

I am seeking re-election as a Bencher from outside Toronto and I am asking for your continued support.

Over the last four years, I served as Chair of the Technology Task Force, Proceedings Authorization Committee, Professional Regulation Committee, Litigation Committee. I also served as Co-Chair of the Mentoring Task Force and Vice-Chair of the Professional Development & Competence Committee. In the 2019-2023 term, I am committed to taking action to address crucial issues in the following emerging areas:

TECHNOLOGY: The increasing prevalence of legal technology and tools, as well as the rise of artificial intelligence in legal applications, is both a concern and an opportunity for the LSO and its licensees. Embracing technological tools that complete routine and repetitive tasks will provide licensees more time to concentrate on giving clients the benefit of their experience, judgment, and legal advice. I hope to continue my work with the Technology Task Force in assessing the implications of technological tools and promoting education of legal technology among licensees.

DIVERSITY: Complex issues can only be properly addressed when those considering them bring to the table a diversity of views, perspectives, and backgrounds. To ensure this kind of diversity, Convocation should consider appointing non-benchers to committees and task forces to ensure that the right interests and views are taken into account at the policy making stage.

ACCESS TO JUSTICE: One of the core values the LSO must promote is greater and more affordable access to legal services for the public, regardless of income bracket or geographical location. To ensure that the legal system works for everyone, we must support new calls, sole practitioners and small firms across all of Ontario who dedicate their practices to public interest work.

FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY: The fees charged place a financial burden on many members of our profession, particularly our sole and small firm practitioners. The LSO must eliminate unnecessary expenditures and reduce unduly high fees.



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