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Ricketts Harris LLP Announces Elizabeth Mourao as Co-Managing Partner

January 23, 2023

Ricketts Harris LLP is thrilled to announce that effective January 1, 2023, Elizabeth Mourao and Andrea Sanche will assume management of the firm. We look forward to a rewarding future under their leadership.

Elizabeth Mourao is a family lawyer and Co-Managing Partner of Ricketts Harris LLP. She has considerable experience negotiating complex domestic contracts, dealing with contentious support and access issues, attending mediations and arbitrations, or appearing at all levels of family court in Ontario. Clients love Elizabeth because she speaks common sense (not to mention fluent Portuguese) and negotiates consistently brilliant results (skills perfected with two precocious daughters who constantly argue). She is down to Earth, has a contagious laugh, and fearlessly advocates on her clients’ behalf, while knowing how and when to find common ground. When she’s not on the job, you will find Elizabeth at home, enjoying a glass of Merlot lovingly made by her parents, or kicking up her heels to live folk music at a Portuguese cultural festival.

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