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Rowand LLP welcomes new partner Kelly Stewart

January 10, 2022

Rowand LLP is pleased to announce that Kelly Stewart has joined the Partnership, effective January 1, 2022.

Kelly is a registered Patent Agent with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Kelly focuses in the areas of patent drafting, filing, and prosecution.  He also helps his clients register industrial designs.

With a background in Electrical Engineering, Kelly deals primarily with technologies in the electrical, computer, software, medical imaging, mechanical, and oil and gas fields.  Kelly has extensive experience preparing patent applications within the fintech, blockchain and e-commerce space.  Kelly has over ten years experience prosecuting patent applications in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Kelly’s ability to quickly understand new technologies allows him to prepare detailed and creative patent applications in an effort to maximize patent protection.  Prior to becoming a Patent Agent, Kelly gained engineering experience in the power engineering industry and completed an internship with one of the world’s top engineering companies.

Kelly previously sat as Chair of the Toronto Intellectual Property Group.  He is a member of the Information, Communication & Technology Committee for the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada and is an active member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association.

Outside of the office, Kelly enjoys playing hockey, golf and squash.

To learn more about Kelly click here to read his bio.

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