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Samantha Schreiber Boosts Talent and Fun Levels at Spark LLP

April 25, 2017

Just over a year since Spark LLP opened the door to the future of legal services delivery in Canada, the firm has hired Samantha Schreiber as its first employee lawyer.

“We were thrilled to have Samantha join us,” says co-founder Jacqueline Horvat, “Not every lawyer out there understands what we’re trying to do at Spark LLP. Samantha clearly gets it, and is keen to get to work providing excellent and sensible legal advice while ensuring that our clients get concierge-level customer service and have a solid understanding of the value that we bring to their businesses.”

During her first four years of being a lawyer, while also absorbing the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a litigator, Samantha kept a sharp eye out for what works in traditional legal practice and, more importantly, what does not. “So many lawyers out there do things in a certain way just because that’s the way it’s always been done,” Schreiber says, “That’s why I’m excited to join Spark LLP. Here, we devote a lot of time to thinking critically about even the smallest details involved in the practice of law. Saying ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’ just isn’t acceptable here.”

“Samantha has the talent, the smarts, and the concern for her clients that make her an exceptional lawyer,” says co-founder Jeff Rosekat, “The fact that she has the drive to innovate and to do things better make her an ideal addition to the Spark team. We are looking forward to incorporating her ideas into our practices and plans for the future.”

About Spark LLP

Spark LLP is an innovative law firm based in downtown Toronto. The partners of Spark LLP, Jacqueline Horvat, Jeff Rosekat, and Sanjay Kutty, joined forces in March 2016 to battle the forces of evil and shift the paradigm of legal practice in Canada. Spark LLP aims to deliver exceptional legal advice and extraordinary client service without the sticker shock of traditional legal accounts.

For further information: For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: or (416) 639-2150.

Spark Law Professional Corporation

Spark Law provides clients with the highest quality advice, concierge-level customer service, and endless witty repartee. Spark Law is among the leaders of the next generation of law firms. Spark Law: Swear by your lawyers. Not at them.™

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