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The Colson Group at Teplitsky Colson LLP welcomes Jennifer Mathers McHenry as partner.

November 5, 2012

Jennifer’s practice will continue to focus on a wide range of complex employment, commercial and appellate litigation. Jennifer regularly advises both employees and employers about employment law and with respect to all aspects of the employee/employer relationship including matters and actions involving wrongful and constructive dismissal, breaches of human rights legislation, breach of contract, professional negligence, breach of confidence, unfair competition, negligent misrepresentation, mergers and acquisitions, changes of control, and executive compensation.

In addition to her “hard law” expertise, Jennifer is a skilled negotiator and trained mediator. She frequently helps senior executives navigate the interpersonal and other complexities which regularly present themselves in the context of the employment relationship. She regularly plays the role of sounding board, strategist, and PR/communications consultant for her clients and is able to assist them with achieving their goals with a view to protecting and preserving their legal rights.When not running a busy practice, Jennifer chairs the firm’s Articling Committee and sits on the founding executive of the Advocate’s Society’s Employment and Labour Law Practice Group.

The Colson Group at Teplitsky Colson LLP

Robert Colson leads a specialized group of experienced advocates at Teplitsky Colson LLP. In addition to a broad commercial practice the Colson Group at Teplitsky Colson advises, negotiates, and litigates for employee and employer clients with respect to matters relating to all aspects of the employee/employer relationship including: offers, mergers and acquisitions, change of control, executive compensation, termination, human rights, constructive dismissal and post-employment fiduciary and contractual obligations. Members of the Colson Group have particular expertise relating to executive employment and are skilled at assisting their senior executive clients to navigate the complexities unique to the executive employment relationship.

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