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Wortzmans Announces New Name

January 31, 2014

Wortzmans is Canada’s leading e-discovery law firm. Since opening its doors in 2007, the firm advises its clients on all issues across the e-discovery spectrum from information governance to litigation and regulatory matters.

According to Susan Wortzman, President of Wortzmans, 2013 was a year of marked change in the industry, with unprecedented growth in the e-discovery market in Canada. Responding to this expanding need, the firm’s information governance and technology strategies divisions experienced strong growth.

For more than six years, the Wortzmans team has worked with firm clients on many e-discovery projects ranging from developing records management and information governance strategies, to managing terabytes of data for litigation and other related matters. The firm’s core service is providing its clients with legally defensible strategies and best practice guidelines for managing electronic evidence. Wortzmans will work side by side with your organization to reduce the time and the cost to manage your information effectively. This approach has offered our clients measurable results.

With a new name and a new year ahead, Wortzmans will work with its clients to develop the strategies and plans to meet their organizations’ needs for managing information in an electronic world. Rely on the experienced Wortzmans team to help you find the smouldering e-mail amidst terabytes of data.


Wortzmans offers its clients specialized legal and technical advice relating to e-Discovery and information governance. Our team of lawyers, project managers and a forensic engineer provide advice on all of the phases of e-Discovery from preservation to production. That is our core business. The firm also offers legal and technical perspectives to assist in developing information governance strategies and in drafting defensible, easily-implemented policies and protocols. Our Technology Strategies group monitors technology continually to enable us to recommend the best-in-breed solutions available to support all e-Discovery, and information governance client needs.

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