Mortimer Khoraych PC

Mortimer Khoraych is a boutique law firm, specializing in independent workplace, institutional and regulatory investigations. Our workplace culture is focused on developing and supporting the best Investigation Lawyers both in and outside the office. We provide a friendly, respectful and engaging work environment, where you will get to know your colleagues, in addition to providing regular support, coaching and mentoring. We also believe in life outside of work, and support our lawyers by providing flexible work hours, generous vacation entitlements and generally celebrating life's milestones. Our scope of work includes conducting complex, high-stakes investigations into allegations of harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination (including unconscious bias and micro aggressions), bullying, fraud, conflict of interest, abuse of power/authority, unethical and other misconduct and breaches of workplace and other policies. We have broad experience in both the private and public sectors, across all industries and services. We provide detailed and fulsome analyses of the facts and evidence, and are commended for our sensitive and timely approach in what are often trying times for all individuals involved. We also assist in facilitating resolutions and workplace restorations, in order to promote a healthy workplace.

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