Reain Lui Stock LLP

Reain Lui Stock LLP was founded by successful advocates looking to create an environment suitable for the dedicated pursuit of clients’ interest within a culture of like-minded professionals. Team work, efficiency and the cost-effective delivery of legal services – we formed our firm to make those principles front and centre in our client service delivery. Our focus and our reputation as problem solvers are founded upon those same principles. We emphasize a collaborative, goal-oriented approach to our strategic advocacy in order to provide practical solutions to legal issues. We are an approachable group of advocates and we enjoy achieving success for our clients both inside and outside the courtroom. When disputes cannot be resolved and a trial or a hearing is required, we have the skill and experience to deliver what is needed, and we have an enviable record (see our list of notable/ reported cases). Much more often, the most cost-effective result will be a resolution achieved through tough negotiation and this is our forte.

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