Whaley Estate Litigation


Whaley Estate Litigation, a Toronto based law firm, offers clients expertise in the Estate Litigation context. Our firm aims to ease the stress of litigation for clients as they navigate emotionally difficult waters by providing effective and prompt resolution with the goal of protecting clients' interests. We regularly advise Executors, Administrators, Trustees, Attorneys and Guardians on their fiduciary obligations and the expectations of the legislation governing their actions. Our resources include highly skilled Estate and Trust Planners, Estate Administrators, as well as Planning Counsel for the Disabled, Charitable Gifting and Tax. We advise onthe prevention and resolution of litigation matters arising out of Estate and Testamentary Planning. Whaley Estate Litigation focuses on the litigation, mediation and dispute resolution of estate, trust, and capacity matters including but not limited to related issues of undue influence, incapacity, infirmity, depletion of assets, fraud, forgery, and suspicious circumstances concerning testamentary instruments and advises on matters of testamentary incapacity and incapacity to marry, make gifts, manage property and manage personal care.

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