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Food Lawyer Employment Opportunity

June 4, 2021

G. S. Jameson & Company (“GSJ&Co”), is seeking a junior associate. The primary legal services offered by GSJ&Co, a firm with expertise and specialization in food law, relate to Canadian food regulation, trade, and corporate/commercial law. GSJ&Co clients are stakeholders that operate at various points throughout the food value chain, from agriculture to waste. We act for multinationals, tech start-ups, advocacy groups, governments, and not-for-profits – a sophisticated and highly international client-base that presents us with legal issues at the forefront of the intersection of food and law.

The ideal candidate has 1 to 4 years as a practicing Canadian lawyer and has: experience in either regulatory or corporate/commercial law; strong writing skills, independent curiosity and problem-solving skills; an entrepreneurial mindset; and, an eagerness to learn. A demonstrable interest in food systems is a plus, but experience practicing in the field of food law is not a requirement.

In addition to a brief introductory cover letter and CV, candidates are asked to submit a short piece of writing or equivalent that: (1) describes their understanding of “food law” and (2) provides an example of how a food law issue has impacted them, either personally or professionally, during their career as a lawyer. To apply, please send the above and a minimum of two referees in a single .pdf file labelled with the candidate’s name to glenford @ gsjameson . com by July 4, 2021.

GSJ&Co is committed to diversity and inclusion in recruitment practices. Only those candidates who will be invited for interviews will be contacted. After the initial interview, candidates will be asked to analyze a fact scenario and provide a recommended strategy in a timed session. Candidates will be invited back to receive feedback on their analyses before hiring decisions are made.

G. S. Jameson & Company

We are the only law firm in Canada designed to offer specialized regulatory and commercial legal advice to food system stakeholders.

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