Bencher election 2019

Sean Robichaud for bencher!

April 4, 2019

Are you content with where we are as a profession?
Are you content with how our convocation keeps spinning their wheels on change?
Are you ok with how much it costs to be a lawyer in 2019?

I’m not. Not at all.

Like many of you, I believe that the Law Society of Ontario needs serious recalibration.

We need to stop downloading excessive costs to younger lawyers who are struggling.

We need to start thinking of our future and what it means to be a lawyer over the next 10-20 years.

We need to take active steps to include the voice of recent calls at convocation including implementing a “Recent Call Bencher” category.

We need a convocation that is leaner, louder, and younger. 

I refuse to wait my turn. You should too.


VOTE ROBICHAUD for bencher. 

You can learn more about my platform here: 


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